In addition to our avid humanitarianism, FAA-Tech™ likewise offers the best and most effective campaigns with the newest and most modern technology that is available today. Our experience ranges from numerous camps not limited to but including amazing promotional and marketing incentives, advertising, sales and marketing, network marketing, along with the greatest of telecommunications solutions, recruiting, appt setting, party planning, all things green, research, survey taking, and human resources.

We are one of the greatest yet lone informational organizations online that offers the LATEST high-tech programs and apps in addition to legitimate camps for your campaign needs! 


FAA-Tech specializes in providing all of the latest and greatest tools for teaching and training for all of the most complicated but now made easy to comprehend commercial and best universal high tech video software applications and computer eBooks for step-by-step neo tech workshops, video tutorials, and eCourses which can be taught via seminar attendance or learned simply from the very comfort of your own home which we own the rights to in order to provide an intelligent "Knowledge Is Power" approach to help educate the world with modern technology, which is how our site got its name, FAA Technologies™ (FAA-Tech™).​​

FAA Technologies™ is both registered and accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as a trusted business with the highest honor of accreditation. We've been in business a strong 7 years with ZERO complaints EVER against out company and we've maintained a perfect "A+" rating with the BBB which speaks volumes about that type of company that we are. Click the BBB logo (just above) to be taken to our perfect record page.
Ferrari & Associates BBB Business Review

About FAA-Tech

The FAA Tech™ family additionally takes the UTMOST delight in being able to deliver our customers with the NEWEST and HIGHEST TECH digital products available on the market today made available ONLY at the most AFFORDABLE rates, where one can buy at reasonable prices that ALL can afford which is WAY more inexpensive than what you would purchase at Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, and so many other stores!

FAA-Tech™ is likewise the headquarters for awesome programs and campaigns like GET BANK™, Discount Dream Vacations™, Save Bank™, Amazing Discount Incentives™, Deals 4 Meals™, Mission 4 Meals™, and eGoody Bags™ (Digital Treats).

Our company is FAA Technologies™ (FAA™ = Ferrari & Assoc.) demonstrating that we are a staff of humanitarians and philanthropists who strive to make the world a better place by voluntarily sharing our profits with charity. Our company was formed in Stockton, CA, and we service the entire San Francisco, CA, Bay Area where our founder is a native of. 

FAA-Tech™ is likewise very proud to be active donators of the non-profit charity organization, "Feeding America", to help END hunger for all of the underprivileged children and  families nationwide with our "Mission 4 Meals" campaign. We are further pleased to  announce that we gladly donate a percentage of ALL retail sales placed on our website  to the non-profit organization, Feeding America. 

FAA-Tech™ voluntarily donates 5% of all profits to charity in order to feed the children of poor families for our "Mission 4 Meals™" campaign each time customers purchase any of our products. This means that we will be providing THOUSANDS of meals for poverty stricken children and families, because every dollar (US $1.00) donated is able to produce 11 MEALS to all those little children in need.